Hotwife Blindfolded and fucked by stranger

Hotwife blindfolded and fucked by stranger

My wife Sarah and I went head first into cuckolding, we talked about it for years before deciding to just go for it and try it out. At the start we had a few trial and errors, everybody does, but whn things go right you can sometimes unlock a hidden gem that can be your cuckold experience even better and for us it happened after just a few wife sharing dates.

This whole meeting actually took place a few times after first sharing Sarah, but we both agreed that we wish we had done this with this guy for her first time, as it would have taken away a lot of the awkwardness. We don’t regret how it happened the first time but certain things happened during this meeting that would have been better for our first sharing experience, This is what happenedthe first time.


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When we first started our cuckold journey we sort of just did what felt right and it worked, it was great but both of us just wanted to use people to fulfill our fantasies and then have them leave the room, we didn’t want to talk, we didn’t want to go for drinks, I just wanted to share my wife with another man and she just wanted the same.

We got talking to this guy, he was a gentleman and had been with a few couples in our situation, he must have been in his early 50’s and after explaining what we wanted from our meeting and how interested we were in blindfolding he was really happy and he even told us it was the kind of arrangement that he wanted too.

We did ask for a video to prove he was real as he was really into our fantasy as he almost felt too good to be true but he wasn’t, he was just perfect for us. We sent him some pictures and videos back and instead of meeting for drinks as we usually did, we decided we could build chemistry over text and voice clips. It really worked for all three of us and the excitement and desire were brewing up inside of all of us ready to meet in real life and fulfill our fantasies. All of us wanted different things from the meeting, my wife wanted another man to fuck her, I wanted to be a cuckold and he wanted to be a bull.

Top Tip: From our personal experience middle-aged men with experience of being in relationships and understanding of the cuckold culture are so much better when fulfilling something like this than younger men.


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He texted Sarah to say he was in the hotel lobby and was heading up to our room now, we made the hotel room pretty dark, we both had a shower, she got on a little thong on and got under the covers of the bed, she put on her blindfold, it was more heavy-duty than a normal sleeping one and blocked out every ounce of light.

I waited in the corner of the room as I heard his footsteps coming down the hallway. I was nervous but excited, we were all fulfilling a fantasy of our own and so far it was going exactly as we had planned. We knew him from our calls and chats, he was great and we didn’t need to fill the room with any small talk, we were all here for one purpose.


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There was a knock on the door, I let him in, I took him straight to the bed and stood watching him approach my wife and with that our fantasy instantly began.

I thought at the start Sarah would wonder who was touching her and she did at first, I could see the confusion on her face but once he got his cock out I knew that game wasn’t going to last because he was so much bigger than me, we hadn’t shared dick pics and I had no idea how hung he was, I knew Sarah would be shocked when she felt his cock.

She loves big dick (I’m a size queen), he had mentioned he was well endowed but neither of us really guessed how big he actually was. I watched on as he went down on my wife and caressed her body before sliding his cock into her mouth, urging her to suck it before parting her legs and beginning to push himself inside of her wet pussy.


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If my wife had any doubt about whether or not it was me between her legs all of that suspicion would have melted away as she felt his big throbbing dick pushing inside of her. She gasped out in pleasure and moaned with each inch being pushed inside of her. Once he was all the way inside of her he began thrusting harder and harder, I didn’t want to blow my load watching them so I stopped touching myself and just watched on as she was fucked hard by this handsome stranger.


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My wife was smitten to him, her blindfold on the whole time, doing whatever he said, moving in any position he wanted, and responding to his every touch. He fucked her hard, gave her orders, and made her cum not once, not twice but three times. He was in full control, taking charge of her body and using her up for his pleasure too. I stroked my wife breasts at one point as he fucked her but she didn’t even know I was there, she didn’t acknowledge me and so I headed back to the corner, watching on and loving every single minute of watching my wife like this.


I’ve seen my wife let go of control before and be fucked, I’ve seen her pleasure men in my presence and do things she has never done to me but with this man, she fully lost all control. It was like watching another woman, my wife wasn’t as slutty as this one, she didn’t make the noises or cum the way this one did but fortunately for me, that was my wife, she was just releasing her inner slut for this stranger and he loved it.


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After he left, my wife was still blindfolded, soaking wet, and just laying there smiling. She beckoned me over and slid my cock inside of her, she didn’t moan as she did with him but instead she let out little whimpers, y cock was throbbing, I knew I wouldn’t last long, I slid myself inside of her wet pussy and could feel she had been stretched out by this man, I fucked her as hard as I could and instantly came. She had been fucked really hard by both of us, we both fell asleep for some time and when we came too she couldn’t stop talking about how incredible it was and I had to tell her how great it was for me too. I felt like the blindfold really helped us all let go and do things we perhaps wouldn’t have done with the added pressure of my wife watching our every move. It also added a little mystique, did a handsome strange really just fuck her, or was it me all along?

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