Hotwife Stories Volume 1

My wife loves the excitement of f****** in risky situation. If we get invited to dinner by friends and if she fancy the husband of our friend she will tell me to keep the wife distracted. On one occasion we arrived a bit early for a dinner at a friends Jorge house. My wife had the hots for the Jorge so she prepared herself with a dress and went without panty. We arrived and was happily greeted by the Jorge and Caterina and over some drinks we were chatting and more drinks it was relaxing. Jorge was sitting facing my wife and she made sure Jorge got glimpse of her bare p****. Just than Caterina went to the kitchen to finish the last dish for the dinner I quickly followed her to the kitchen to help. Caterina was happy she knows I am a good cook and gladly accept my offer. I kept caterina busy by suggesting to cook 2 other dish which she liked. The house we went to was a 20 story condo and the lived on the 16th floor while we were in the kitchen my wife went the belcony pretending to see the view Jorge followed her. She lifted her dress up bend over and Jorge wasted no time took out his 9 inch black c*** and shoved it into her wet p****. He banged her furiously knowing that at any moment Caterina or I may catch them. He doesn’t know that I love my wife f****** him. I was also busy with Caterina cooking and as the kitchen is small we bump into each other than at one point as I was standing behind her she purposely pushed her bum back hand pressed against my erected c***. At that moment the door bell rang and 2 more couple came to join the dinner party Jorge and I went to open the door while Caterina was watching the pot. I asked Jorge where is Feliz my wife he said she is enjoying the belcony.